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This campaign is about realizing an exhibition tour across the USA. The USA is the perfect place to do this, and when you see the artwork and the subjects I paints, you see why.

The exhibition tour means that all the artwork is travelling from museum to museum and galleries, accompanied by myself and with a beautiful catalogue that tells the story behind the artwork. This campaign includes making the book ‘Wild in North America’ which is in the line of the bestseller ‘Wild in Europe’ about my adventures and paintings of the European wilderness.

I don't stand alone in this, but have great help of even greater people to realize this project. We are very excited to get started, but we need your help as well!

What we need and what you get: We need your financial support for transportation, big boxes for the artwork, designing and printing the book, organizing exhibitions, catalogues and accommodation. 

We would not ask for your support if we could not give something back to you. We offer a lot of different and interesting stuff or perks, so you can support us in any way you like to.

If you like to purchase an original artwork by Renso Tamse, please contact at [email protected]

  • get that art over to the USA
  • Make new Book
  • Make new USA website for promoting the tour
  • Production costs of reproductions/book/catalogue/promotion materials
  • Travelling from Europe to United States
  • Food & drinks because otherwise we starve to death





Choice in Large or XXL Limited Edition Artprints





Artist at work!

Artist Renso Tamse at work