Biography Renso Tamse

Renso Tamse, born and raised in Rotterdam, was at an early age drawing and painting. Since he can remember he wanted to 'artist' are. His interest was mainly on nature. On a course at the Academy of Fine Arts, he has not really had much. The attention of teachers focused on abstraction and modern art. His preference, however, went out to the realistic painting, so it just not fit. The urban artist wants nothing more than wild, mysterious painting landscapes and animals that belong in, painting. To better understand wildlife areas, he travels regularly to North America, Switzerland, the Pyrenees, Germany and Scandinavia. The picturesque woods of the Czech Republic are also a favorite destination spot where he experiences the flora and fauna are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Renso Tamse can be touched by a tuft of moss, a piece of bark, a whimsical tree and so on.

"In the seemingly ordinary often lies a fascinating and unparalleled beauty."

He sees it as a challenge of something at first sight seems uninteresting something fascinating to do. " When the composition of his paintings gives the wildlife artist 'attention to the proper display of animals, the anatomy should just right. Then,''I think it is equally important that a painting lives. I try to make my work a soul. "So begins Renso after a composition sketch of the head of an animal.

"In the eyes is life!"

He paints with regular watercolor on watercolor board. First there is a sponge with water or a light colored layer on a substrate. Then after drying it better to work with. Both the result and the technique are amazing. Connoisseurs recognize immediately by him. Tamses paintings offer viewers an experience, often only at half or third look, because the artist is not directly reveals all secrets. Who the scenes carefully, discovered some surprising things. He himself has never been 100% satisfied with a job. "My best painting I, like many others, still do." Such self-critical challenges him to a new scene each draw. The artist explains not a specific message in his watercolors, he hopes that his artistic activity of people of all ages to think and move them to understand that nature must be protected